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Spring 2013 Direct Contact

The UAH ARISS team was accepted to participate in the ARISS program, hosted by NASA Johnson Space Center. This opportunity allowed our university students to share experience with amateur radio to middle schoolers in the area. After 16 visits to classrooms, we established a direct radio connection with the International Space Station and talked directly with astronauts.

UAH Space Hardware Club hosted 120 eigth grade students from around the region join UAH students to uplink and talk with the astronauts living aboard the ISS. This will utilized the hardware the club used to satellite operations.

Event: Uplink was 21 Mar 2013 10:47:42.325CDT to 10:58:25.858CDT.
The pass is 643.533 seconds, and was long enough to ask all the planned questions! Representative students from each class will asked questions from their class. The four classrooms werealso able to visit the ChargerSat cleanroom, the student built satellite launching this fall 2013.

Bus schedule for March 21: Pickup from Discovery Middle School at 9:00am return by 12:00 latest. Pickup from Liberty Middle School at 9:00am return by 11:50 latest. Pickup from Ed White Middle School at 9:15am return by 11:40 latest.

Facility: Space Communications Lab, Engineering Building, Room 273, UAH Campus

POC: Mark Becnel, 985-237-0702,

Video by NASA MSFC review the ISS uplink
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To get involved, please contact the Space Hardware Club as soon as possible.

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