L1 Month

An Intro to Rocketry 


What is L1 Month?

L1 Month is SHC’s beginner rocketry project. Students receive classes on the basics of high powered rocketry and then have the opportunity to purchase a kit based on a design they create with those skills. These rockets are launched at Huntsville Area Rocketry Association (HARA) launches, and the students receive their L1 Rocketry Certification upon a successful flight.

When does L1 Month Start?

L1 Month begins during the fall semester, immediately following TwoMonth. It is recommended to start with L1 Month before going to other rocketry projects.

What if I do not want to purchase a kit?

Everyone is welcome to come to the classes! Even if a student chooses not to purchase a kit, the skills learned are useful for other rocketry projects in SHC.

L1 Month 2019 - 2020

Despite issues early on and cancelled launches, nine students received L1 certifications in spring of 2020 and more plan to launch in the fall.

L1 Month Timeline

Late October

L1 Kickoff

About one week after TwoMonth ends, L1 mentors host a meeting to gage interest in the program, explain the overall process, and begin assigning students that sign up to mentors that have previously participated in L1 Month. 

Early November


Mentors will begin classes shortly after the interest meeting. Classes consist of subjects like basic rocketry, rocket design, and CAD.  All classes are offered more than once, so be sure to make it to all of them!


Rocket Designs Due

Using a program taught in the classes, students design their own rockets with certain limitations and turn them in.  Mentors review designs to ensure they are safe for flight.  If a problem is found, revise and try again! 

Mid to Late November

Fin Layups

L1 monthers and mentors come together over multiple days to layup fiberglass. Mentors will later cut fins from these following the designs turned in.

Late November

Kit Handouts

Students will stop by at a pre-arranged time and location to pick up their rocket kits (minus one motor), and can now begin putting everything together.

You Decide

Build and Launch

The "Month" in L1 Month is merely a suggestion.  From this point forward, students can build their rockets during whatever time they wish.  Mentors will host build nights in the labs to offer assistance from time to time.  Launches are often held monthly, from November to April, weather permitting.  You choose when you want to launch!  

Let us know if you want to be involved in L1 Month for the upcoming year!

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