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One Month Project - Space Hardware Club New Member Training Program

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The One Month Project is held every year in early September to early October.

Pictures from The Project

Space Hardware Club’s One Month training program is a fast-paced training project that groups new members together to work on a high altitude ballooning payload. Most of the new members are freshman to the university. One Month requires these new club members to design, fabricate, test, re-design, and fly a balloon payload. These new members will learn circuits, programming, soldering techniques, mechanical aspects, how to select sensors, and how to fly high altitude balloons. They also learn how the club functions, how to order items through the club, and how to work as a team.

One Month is the beginning of the training pipeline that the club utilizes to pass down information, so no knowledge is lost through the generations of members. It is the building block of the Space Hardware Club. It prepares the new members to be able to work on more balloon payloads, move onto CanSat and Planetary Rover, and eventually work on the club’s CubeSat program. One Month is not possible without its leaders and mentors. These mentors will guide the new member teams through One Month whilst the mentors learn leadership experience themselves.