Lab Safety

Learn how to stay safe in the SHC Labs

Learn With Geoff

Geoff, a past member of the Space Hardware Club, will go over much of the lab safety necessary to stay safe in our labs and where essential safety items are located in each lab and building.
Best played with this playing in the background.

Needed Quiz Material

Putting out Fires Instruction
Space Hardware Club Chemical Safety Lecture

Space Hardware Club Lab Rules
No food or drinks in the labs (drinks in resealable bottles are permitted)
Wash your hands after soldering
ALWAYS wear safety glasses when soldering
Wear gloves while working with epoxy products
Put all equipment back in its proper location

Useful Links:
Hazard Communication with GHS Slides (UAH OEHS Link)
Additional Safety Training (UAH OEHS Link)
Chemical Abstract Service Number Search (NIST)
Chemical Abstract Service Number Search (MOLBASE)
Link to SDS Online for UAH

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