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ASGC is part of a nationwide program that contributes
to the nation's science and engineering enterprise

The SGA of University of Alabama-Huntsville
aims to improve student life and sponsor projects
and clubs put forth by UAH students

AIAA is a nonprofit global organization aiming
to inspire and advance the future of aerospace
for the benefit of humanity

STI Electronics is a multifaceted technical
organization whose goal is to provide support through
products in the field of electronics manufacturing

RadioBro manufactures commerical products for the nano
and pico class of small spacecraft. Offices in Huntsville, AL
and Chicago, IL and provide for BalloonSat Operations

Atmel manufactures microcontrollers capacitive touch
solutions, advanced logic, mixed-signal, nonvolatile
memory and radio frequency (RF) components.

Analytical Graphics, Inc provides commercial modeling
software for designing, developing and operating missions
within the space and national defense communities.

Blue Origin is an American privately-funded aerospace
manufacturer and spaceflight services company set
up by founder Jeff Bezos with its
headquarters in Kent, Washington.