Team Lead - Kyle Fehr

Project GLADIUS is a project of the Space Hardware Club, which has the long term goal to design, build, and fly a reusable three-stage sounding rocket capable of lifting a small payload above 100 kilometers. 

The team has elected to enter the Spaceport America Cup in order to gain experience with smaller, more structured rocketry projects to serve as repeatable, short term goals, and as a stepping stone toward launching much bigger rockets, and eventually towards a space shot attempt in the future. 

Vehicle Architecture Overview



Project Lead:

Kyle Fehr

GLADIUS has recently completed a System Requirements Review, bringing the system planning and conceptual design phase to a close. The initial systems engineering consisting of subsystem requirements, verification and validation methods, interfaces, and preliminary risks have been discussed and documented. The contents of this review will guide the path of the project going forward through each phase  and ensure that the subsystems will fit together to reach the project’s goals.