Team Lead - Cassandra "Cassie" Phoenix

Project Overview

CROSSGUARD is the SHC composite manufacturing project. The purpose is to create rocket airframes, airfoils, support rods, and more with a variety of processes. The team plans to document each of the processes in order for the knowledge to be passed down to new members in the future.

Test Fiber Layup

An introductory process that members have done involved taking household fabrics, with similar properties to those of fiberglass and carbon fiber, and performing a resin layup. 

This process has allowed new members to obtain an understanding of the process as well as an experience of how to apply an even layer of epoxy on to fiber.


Contact Cassandra Phoenix on Discord at fiery.prophet


Come to the UAH VBRH Loading Dock on Mondays at 7:30pm

Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber Resin Layup

The first step to achieving CROSSGUARD's goal of being the hub for SHC composite manufacturing is to perform a variety of research and experiments.

Currently we are in the process of performing fiberglass (fiberglass pictured above) and carbon fiber layups with peel-ply for a better finish and adhesion of the resin.

Our next step for the project is the development and use of a jig for layups. We will also continue looking into member's interests such as vacuum bagging and resin pre-impregnated fabrics.

Current Team Members

Cassandra "Cassie" Phoenix (Project Manager)

Matthew Allmon

Charles Marmann

Matthew Sager

Tyler Thomas

David Tutunzhiu

Alexander Resurreccion