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2023 CanSat Competition Timeline: 




CanSat is a project centered around up to three teams’ entry and participation in the annual CanSat Competition organized by the American Astronautical Society. This annual competition has its teams design, build, and fly rocket payloads that meet design criteria that change from year to year. As such, the teams and the designs also change annually with a new iteration of the design. The competition releases the information regarding the design goal in August and holds the launch in June, meaning that the project runs in parallel to much of the school year and additionally requires periodic updates on the status of the design in formal design review presentations (Preliminary Design Review, Critical Design Review, Flight Readiness Review, Post-Flight Review) based on NASA’s model. This competition serves to give participants a taste of an actual design process and is a great learning experience for the various systems that go into an engineering system (mechanical, electrical, and software design).

2022 CanSat Team Star Saber's Container Printed Circuit Board


Louis McEvoy

 2022 CanSat Team Highwire Launch during Competition at Virginia Tech

UAH Space Hardware Club 2024 CanSat Teams




There are currently 3 CanSat teams working on builds for this year's upcoming competition. They have made their presentations and posters and are phasing through different prototypes taking some design elements from their two-month projects and perfecting them.

2023 CanSat Team Afterburner at the 2023 Research Horizons Undergraduate Poster Session