Team Lead - Ruby Sharrard

Subsonic Plane Autonomized with Research Optimized Wings, or SPAROW, is a project taking part in the AIAA Design, Build, Fly competition. SPAROW is comprised of mostly Freshman, so the team is in the process of training and learning for the upcoming competition in 2025.

It is split into three sub teams: Aerodynamics, Structures, and Integrated Systems.

Aerodynamics designs the UAS airframe, Structures manufactures the airframe as well as any testbeds required by Integrated Systems. Integrated systems designs and manufactures all onboard systems and the ground station.

Current Testbed UAS



Ruby Sharrard

Full SPAROW Team

SPAROW has manufactured its first testbed, known as the "Goblin" and plans to begin testing active stability control systems soon.

Integrated Systems Meeting