L1 Month

Team Lead - Peter Summers

L1 Month is SHC’s introductory project for High Power rocketry since 2016. Many may be familiar with smaller Estes model rockets, however the jump to high power can be quite large, as rockets become more complex and the safety risks become larger. Students will receive classes on the basics of high powered rocketry and then have the opportunity to purchase a kit based on a design they create with those skills. They are provided with resources to build and test their rocket, and assistance with launch and recovery operations. These rockets are often launched hosted by Huntsville Area Rocketry Association (HARA). However, other launch sites such as the Mid South Rocketry Society (MSRS) located in Memphis, and launches hosted by SHC itself have also seen L1 flights. Students will receive their L1 Rocketry Certification upon a successful flight and recovery of their rocket, and after inspection by flight reviewers. 

How do I get L1 kit?

Each student purchases their own dedicated L1 rocket kit  through SHC. They get to design, build, and fly their rocket, which resources and mentorship provided by SHC.

When is L1 Month?

L1 Month begins during the fall semester, immediately following Two Month. It is recommended to start with L1 Month before going to other more advanced rocketry projects. 

When do I launch?

During the spring and following fall students can attend the monthly launches hosted by the Huntsville Area Rocketry Association (HARA), as well as launches held by SHC itself.

2023 L1 Month students show off their completed rockets at the HARA launch site ahead of their flights.

View of an L1 rocket liftoff from the launch control site.



Project Lead:

Peter Summers

Email: pjs0011@uah.edu

Phone: (2317) 503-2054

2022 Class of L1 Month Student standing with their rockets before launch at the HARA launch site.