Space Hardware Club

at The University of Alabama in Huntsville


Hands-on STEM experience from year one to graduation

The Space Hardware Club provides easy access to hands-on hardware and software engineering experience, along with opportunities to conduct meaningful scientific research for any enrolled UAH student, from your first weeks on campus to graduation and beyond!

Our Programs


The AutoSat Program contains all of SHC's autonomous sattelite and satellite-analogue systems. The program contains multiple innovative, mission-focused competitive teams designing solutions for various challenges, from international CanSat competitions to the University Rover Challenge. AutoSat also holds all of SHC's space-bound payloads, such as the TERMINUS project.


The BalloonSat Program of the Space Hardware Club has launched over 150 high altitude balloons since 2006. BalloonSat payloads perform a wide variety of research projects, from cutting edge atmospheric science research to active stabilization and even solar eclipse research!


SHC's Rocketry Program has a 10-year history in solid-rocket-propelled vehicles and is working on a new branch of liquid-rocket-propelled vehicles. Students also can get engine certification, learn how to create resin shells, and help research and design for a new multistage rocket. Students in the Rocketry Program work with propulsion, vehicle design, ground support, and avionics, while experiencing industry-driven safety design practices.


SHC's Outreach Program has been an active member of the Huntsville community since it was founded. Outreach is a student initiative to introduce STEM with hands-on activities for K-12 students, college students, and adults alike.


Two-Month is SHC's introductory program, where participants work in small teams to design, build, and fly (or drive) payloads! Participating in Two-Month provides valuable skills and insight in hardware, software, and team dynamics to prospective SHC members. The program provides a variety of challenges to choose from, each scaled-down from an existing club project to go through the full engineering cycle in just two months!

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