Located on the West side of The University of Alabama In Huntsville campus, SWIRLL is a core research facility that houses infrastructure and UAH faculty, staff, and students who are involved in research on severe and hazardous weather, boundary layer meteorology, lighting, radar, and air quality.


The PRC connects the academic research community and the propulsion community through interdisciplinary collaboration. Our state-of-the-art laboratories provide detailed assessments of liquid, solid, electric, and air-breathing propulsion devices – including cryogenic propellants. 

Optics Building 

SHC has a lab  for CanSat (Room 307) which also functions as a Mechanical Room for all projects and Outreach in the Dark Room (Room 259) of the UAH Optics Building. 

Von Braun Research Hall

SHC has a secondary Hardware lab in the Von Braun Research Hall M-25 primarily used by rocketry programs.

Communications Lab

SHC utilizes Engineering Building 273 as a Tracking Station.

Machine Shop

Also known as the Engineering Prototype and Design Facility or Tech Hall W100, SHC utilizes the shop for machining, product integration, and prototyping.