Outreach with SHC is all about bringing STEM to the community. We do everything from balloon flights, rocket launches, presentations, hands on learning, and everything in between. We also participate in programs like ARISS, a HAM radio communication between a group of students and the International Space Station. 

Program Manager - Faith Sweetser


The Space Hardware Outreach program aims to inspire and educate students of all ages about space science and engineering, its importance, and the role it plays in space exploration. The program consists of interactive workshops, presentations, and hands-on activities that showcase the exciting things that SHC is currently working on. 

This program is also home to Clubreach and Inreach which hold events for both the club and the UAH Student body. Popular events include Week of Welcome events, our SHC Halloween Party, and many more!

SHC Visiting Buckhorn Middle School



Faith Sweetser: fos0002@uah.edu

Space Hardware Club Outreach Logo

As one of the current projects functioning within Outreach, the STELLAR Project is heading towards its Mission Concept Review to be approved for funding. This project will serve as an addition to the science missions happening for the Total Solar Eclipse in April, 2024. We will be teaching and building payloads with high school students to fly on a balloon during the eclipse.

STELLAR: Space Hardware Club. Total. Eclipse. Learn. Launch. and Research