Leadership and Structure

The Officer Board

The Officers of the Space Hardware Club are the core leadership of the club, serving as mentors, pioneers, and guides. The structure of the Officer Board, as well as the club as a whole, is defined in our constitution. The organizational chart below shows a visual layout of our overall club structure, and what each leadership position oversees.

Executive Board

President - Tristan McGinnis

Fall Vice President - Zeke Kuntz

Spring Vice President - Maria Chytka

Fall Treasurer - Kyle Burgans

Spring Treasurer - Zachary Moore

Fall Secretary - Maddie Delaune

Spring Secretary - Vacant

Program Managers

BalloonSat - Jaiden Stark

AutoSat - Sam Quartuccio 

Rocketry - Peter Summers

Outreach - Faith Sweetser  

Two-Month - Quinlyn Scully

Spaceflight - Ben Campbell

Project Leads

ASTRA - Andrew Adams

CanSat - Tristan Carter

SPAROW - Ruby Sharrad 

ASH - Todd McKinney 

HAVOC - Jaiden Stark

HELEN - Christopher Helmerich 

SAROS - Jaiden Stark

STELLAR - Faith Sweetser

CROSS Guard - Cassandra Phoenix

Gladius - Kyle Fehr 

HILT - Sam Morrison

L1 Month - Peter Summers

Tartarus - Elias Perez 

TERMINUS - Ben Campbell

Commitee Heads

Finance - Austin Morse 

Media and Marketing - Cassidy Silliman

Lab Refit - Zeke Kuntz

HAM Radio - Max Freedman 

Historian - Sam Morrison

Club Trustees

HAM Radio Trustee - Max Freedman

Updated on 8/24/2023