Two Month

What is Two Month?

Two Month is SHC's introductory project for potential club members. Mentor-led small teams are tasked with building a payload that meets the requirements of their given mission. Mission options vary from year-to-year for teams based on current SHC projects.

Two Month has many benefits: In the program you learn about the projects in the SHC as well as get hands-on work with the full engineering process. In addition to academic benefits, it strengthens your resume as a relevant project. Being short term, the project lets you experience SHC, engineering, and science without any long-term commitment. 

Program Manager - Quinlyn Scully (

The Two Month program runs puts participating students through the full engineering process in a compact and learning-inducive timeline. The program consists of the following general outline:

'22 RCS Team 1 testing their thruster nozzles

Working in the labs:

Teams will spend time in the labs with the parts they've chosen from their PDR building and testing their payloads. Students receive support from program mentors while in the lab constructing their payloads.

'22 RCS teams lift and launch their payload line

Flight Day:

Everyone's hard work finally gets shown off on flight day. Balloon-bound payloads launch together on lines with their challenge. After deployment, teams will go out to recover their payloads on the field. 


The Two Month program runs every fall, come to one of the Space Hardware Club tabling events during week of welcome!


Program Manager: Quinlyn Scully (

'22 Glider Team 5 presents their PDR

Preliminary Design Review:

The PDR is the first presentation teams give which covers their design choices, timeline, and plans for their payload during the program. Afterward, teams receive technical feedback from mentors and club members on how they might improve. 

'22 mentors fill and prepare a balloon for flight day


The program wouldn't be what it is without the mentors. Each team is assigned 1-2 mentors which are present to answer questions, provide resources and feedback, and push the teams to succeed. 

Previous years' photos:

Two Month 2022


'22 RCS Flight Video